Acoustic/Banjo Adaptor Loop

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NEW Acoustic/Banjo Adaptor Loop

Neotech's ACOUSTIC/BANJO ADAPTOR LOOP is ideal for the neck of an acoustic guitar or the bracket of a banjo. The soft, durable tubular nylon webbing of the adaptor is easily attached to your instrument by wrapping it around the guitar neck or banjo bracket and looping it through itself. This leaves the leather base piece available to connect into a regular guitar attachment. The solid leather retaining base assures a secure hold that's easy to attach and compact in design. Finally, the acoustic and banjo player have the freedom to choose from any strap. Thanks to the ACOUSTIC/BANJO ADAPTOR LOOP, converting any strap to fit your needs is a snap. All you need to do is adapt and attach!

  • Converts most guitar straps into an acoustic or banjo strap.
  • Combines soft, durable tubular nylon webbing with a top-grain leather retaining base.
  • 8.25" in length (20.95cm)