Traditional Irish Bodhran

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Bodran, NEW

Great entry-level bodhrán with celtic cross design. Handcrafted from the finest wood with real goatskin heads. Hardwood beater included with every bodhrán.

Available in many designs and sizes

  • Perfect for everyone |  Intended for beginner players. If you are going for a very traditional straight forward but tonal sound, then the walton bodhrán drum is just the right one for you!
  • Includes a hardwood beater | we provide you with a quality hardwood beater with every bodhrán you buy. Authentic traditional irish instrument.
  • Goat skin head | bodhrán head is made from real goatskin. The walton bodhrán head has been much improved over the years. With many different varieties and ply’s to the different sizes, the skin head of the walton bodhrán is a 2 ply goat skin with choice selected goatskin.
  • Quality you can trust | the bodhrán is an authentic traditional irish instrument. We use higher quality wood which creates a much deeper and robust sounding bodhrán gives you even more tone possibilities. Walton’s bodhrán are incredibly fun to play and provide many tonal qualities that you just cannot get from any other drum!