Gibson GSS-100 amplifier

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The Gibson GSS-100 was a 100w two-channel all-transistor (solid state) guitar / bass amplifier launched by Gibson in mid-1965. It consisted a separate head and two 2x10" speaker cabinets, with a June 1965 launch price of $499.50. It was joined in 1966 by a sister model, the 50w GSS-50. t was a short-lived model, only produced for three years, 1965-1967.

It was a pretty fine amp for its time, equipped with reverb, tremolo and vibrato. It was described as follows in the 1966 Gibson 'Guitars & Amplifiers' catalog:

The new Gibson solid state super power all-transistor amplifier series lets your audience hear every note, everywhere. Every exciting tone – clearly, distinctly, radiantly.
The GSS-100, with its full power of 100 watts (more than 200 watts peak power), it's three-unit sealed-case, cushion-of-air construction principle, and remarkable versatility, projects throughout any room or auditorium, regardless of size, shape or acoustics. The GSS-100 as the authority to engulf a vast outdoor audience, yet precision control for subtle, sophisticated jazz sound in an intimate room.


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