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Line6 Tone Port (pedal)

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Used, Line6 Tone Port UX2



The TonePort UX2 USB interface lets you plug in guitars, microphones, line-level effects, and send the output to either analog or digital gear.

Several years after its release of GuitarPort, Line 6 has released its next generation of USB guitar processors — the TonePorts. Currently offered in two versions, the UX1 and UX2, the TonePorts each have a hardware front end that interfaces with a software processing rack of Line 6 guitar, amplifier, cabinet, and effects models. The TonePorts have significant new features, including one or two XLR microphone inputs with phantom power and, in the case of the UX2, a S/PDIF output.

The design of the TonePort system allows the UX1 and UX2 to straddle the middle ground between outboard hardware processors and software plug-ins. Your guitar signal passes through a hardware input and is then sent to your computer through USB, where it is processed by the GearBox software. Next it is routed to the recording software of your choice, and then back to the TonePort for monitoring.