Mooer Red Truck Combined Effects Pedal

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USED  Mooer Red Truck Combined Effects Pedal - with case & power supply   (Cons)

Mooer's Red Truck is a complete pedal designed to offer a collection of effects and distortions in a compact and easily transportable design.
The preamp section includes a boost, an overdrive and a distortion and is completely analog, the effects section is based on a high-efficiency digital DSP processor, allowing reverbs, delay and various modulation effects.
The Red Truck also includes a high-visibility tuner, a cabinet simulation output for playing directly in the PA or with your headphones, and a buffered loop effect to put your favorite pedals into the signal path, to send the signal up to three amplifiers or to integrate a pre / post system into your amplifier effect loop.

On stage you can decide between two operating modes, stomp mode activates and deactivates individual effects by pressing the corresponding footswitch, the preset mode can recall up to 5 combinations of previously memorized effects.