Seymour Duncan Convertible Amp

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Seymour Duncan has a handful of great guitar amps to his name along with his pickups, and the Convertible is his crown jewel. Released around 1980-81, the Convertible was an all-tube, modular preamp design so full of ground-breaking features that Jeff Beck himself made them his go-to rig. But these features made the amplifiers WAY ahead of their time. In fact, the industry is just now catching up. With this groundswell of interest in the Convertible, we thought we’d take this opportunity to tell its story. Not only will we get into the amp’s history, but we’ll explain all its futuristic features demonstrating how revolutionary the Seymour Duncan Convertible 100-watt guitar amp really was.

 This amp is in amazing shape for its age and includes one extra module as shown in picture.